This is THE ONLY WAY possible for you as a business owner to scale the ROI of your marketing efforts without investing hours of your precious time and piles of your hard earned cash flow.

If you're sick and tired of living on the edge of business annihilation due to only having a trickle of bottom of the barrel leads and conversion rates that give you nightmares… then what you're about to discover could bring you back from the brink and straight to massive deposits in your bank!

Welcome to Inbound Prospector VIP Marketing Services!

At this point, you're already fully aware of how the Inbound Prospector industry shifting software will allow you to rapidly expand your flow of high quality leads, manage every aspect of multi-touch marketing which will lead to your maximum ROI.

So if you already know how much the Inbound Prospector software that you're investing in will ramp up your business results to entirely new levels… what additional advantage will our VIP Marketing Services provide?

Well let's get into that ASAP!

Your Own Personalized Professional Marketing Team

Just imagine it. Having the utmost confidence that every single aspect of your marketing campaigns is being done correctly the first time, every time.

Never having those worries of did you have the right settings on that email campaign?

Did you target the perfect audience?

Or did you make sure that your social media presence was projecting the correct value and calls to action to boost your subscriber list?

All of these concerns immediately removed by the presence of your very own professional marketing team.

Doesn't it just make the most sense for you to be able to focus solely on the complete satisfaction of your customers?

For in the end, it's always about keeping your customers happy. Which will then lead to the easiest sales of them all… repeat customers and referrals!

So with that being the top priority for your time and effort as a business owner… taking on the additional workload of mastering multi-touch marketing is an intimidating task.

That is why we consistently recommend that our Inbound Prospector clients take a serious look at immediately upgrading to our VIP Marketing Services.

Here are just 3 ways to look at how much more value you will gain once you make your upgrade…
Inbound Prospector

Instantly slash your learning curve when it comes to mastering the Inbound Prospector software. Why invest hours and hours of precious profit producing time learning a whole new skill set when you can have AN ENTIRE TEAM dedicated to do it for you.

Inbound Prospector

Money loves speed, speed and more speed. Once again, by having your own private marketing team in place, your Inbound Prospector is put into immediate action. So that your phone is ringing off the hook with excited prospects in a matter of a few days… Or even just a few hours!

Inbound Prospector

Completely eliminate the need to waste time interviewing potential new employees to fill a new position as your Inbound Prospector team leader. Why would you throw away your hard earned cash on a new team member who will struggle to learn and implement this new multi-touch marketing?

Instead… accomplish everything you need in fast tracking your results by going with a professional team that's already proven itself in the marketplace.

Okay so now you are on board with having your own VIP Marketing Services team.

But what types of high profit margin tasks will they be handling for you on a day by day basis?

Let's dive right in!

Telemarketing Services like Appointment Setting, Data Verification, Client Profiling and Polls

Leave all of that tedious, mind numbing work when it comes to marketplace research to the pros. Our marketing team will be able to efficiently and effectively verify all of the data being collected through your campaigns.

They will be able to compile that data into laser specific client profiles. Allowing you to focus in on exactly what your ideal clients are searching for and desperately needing from you.

Your team can also create Polls that will provide you even more "from the trenches" target market research. Research that they will then be able to incorporate into your most effective marketing campaigns.

Plus leave the hassle of setting all your new appointments to your team. Leverage their manpower and systems to fill those spots quickly and easily.

Can you already envision how much time and money you will save by upgrading to our VIP Marketing Services? And we just got started!

Custom Video Email Marketing campaigns for any product or service

Technology is constantly in a state of change and moving at astronomical speeds.

Well once you have your own team of marketing professionals… you'll never be out of the loop when it comes to the latest and greatest marketing methods.

Such as video email marketing!

Let our team create and craft your very own high impact video emails that put you in the top spot as a leader in your industry.

Can you imagine the jump in your conversion numbers for your product and service with something as powerful as video email marketing campaigns?

And this is just one small example of how our VIP team will make sure you are leveraging the latest and greatest in advertising applications.

Never again will you be left behind the current tech trends!

Bulk Email Marketing services sent to hundreds or thousands of potential customers…

So you already understand the vital role that email marketing plays in the success of your business.

But what if you could ramp up that aspect to a level you've never even dreamed of?

Going from sending out a few follow up emails to a couple of hundred potential prospects…

To unleashing your own email army that seeks out a quality connection with hundreds or thousands of potential customers and clients.

Before you having access to something as powerful as Inbound Prospector… this wouldn't have even been possible.

But now… not only is it possible… but your team makes it your rock star reality whenever you wish to put it into fast action.

Can you imagine having your custom marketing message connecting with thousands of prospects at the touch of a button?

Well your VIP Marketing Services team of professionals will be at the ready to do just that!

Sales System Planning with Professional Telemarketing and Rebuttal Scripting

You know that you are going to want to scale up your sales team in a very short time frame once you begin using Inbound Prospector and it's VIP Marketing Services.

This will become a reality quickly since you will have so many white hot, qualified leads flying through your front door!

Okay… so once you have more prospects to speak with… how will you be able to plan out your brand new sales system balancing the power of telemarketing and rebuttal scripts?

Once again… let your team of professionals handle the workload. This is there wheelhouse. There's absolutely no need for you to try and make it yours.

Your VIP team will create and coordinate every aspect of your expanding sales system.

Therefore saving you more time and money in one fell swoop!

Website Design, Content Marketing, Lead and Landing Page Design and Social Media Marketing

Now this is where the over the top value of your very own team of professionals really shines.

Take a moment again to read those words in bold above.

Each one of those topics represents an immense pile of work, time and money invested.

All three of which you are in a constant state of managing and maximizing.

You cannot afford to waste a single, solitary minute. And every single dollar counts.

But you fully realize that all of the above are necessary elements to scaling up your successful business. So how will you be able to get it all accomplished on your own?

You won't. Period.

Sorry to be that blunt… but it had to be said.

On your own as busy business owner, tackling all of this would be an overwhelming and exhausting project.

So don't.

Let our proven team of professionals divide and conquer for your benefit.
Let your team segment and streamline their efforts in order to make absolutely certain that all of these powerful tools are working on your behalf like a well oiled, profit producing machine!

By now you must be fully comprehending why having your own VIP Marketing Services is not some luxury…

It's a necessity.

But one question can come up at this point in your journey.

Inbound Prospector can't be the only company out in the marketplace that provides a VIP client service right?

That's true.

It's not.

But it is the only one that presents itself as THE BEST ON-DEMAND SERVICE.


It has to do with the personal philosophy that each of our VIP Marketing Service team members carry with them on a daily basis.

They treat each of our client's success as if it were the own. They are one and the same.

Each team member truly feeling inside that they are striding for success side by side with you as the business owner. Out in the trenches, putting in the long hours and doing so with passion of purpose.

Also our VIP Marketing Services team does it's best to dive head first with utmost speed and efficiency to snatch up any possible missed opportunity as you leverage Inbound Prospector.

The team understands completely that putting such a powerful set of multi-touch marketing tools can be at times confusing or overwhelming the first few campaigns.

This is why your team of professionals is constantly checking in with you and your results, scanning your current campaigns to pinpoint any possible improvement to generate higher profit margins for your business.

Again treating your business as their very own and understanding how important every single detail can be in making the difference between so-so success or an ultimate win.

And as I mentioned, our VIP team regards itself as THE BEST ON-DEMAND service. They make that claim because the entire department prides itself on answering your calls no matter the time… at noon or 1 in the morning on a Tuesday.

If a team member is awake… they are picking up your urgent calls!

All of these factors combine to show you that your very own professional VIP marketing team is all in at 120% for you!

Just like they were for these highly satisfied VIP clients…

Your story could be just like Dan Krenzel of North American Financial.

Watch what happened when he took advantage and got set up as a VIP.

Did you catch that number Dan mentioned in his video?

70 prospect calls in 2.5 hours!

…on a random Wednesday night, just as a "test!"

Now imagine what having your own VIP team cranking out those types of results for you on a daily and weekly basis within YOUR BUSINESS?

Talk about immediate leverage!

Check out what this VIP client had to share. He couldn't even find enough salespeople fast enough to answer the phones!

And in the next VIP client testimonial… you will hear the raw and even shocked excitement of having a VIP team working with you for only 3 short days.

Which led to 25 sales! Watch and listen below...

Granted all of what he said was encouraging and a testament as to what Inbound Prospector can do for your business. But I know that THE MOST IMPORTANT for you were the impressive stats he shared on their short 3 day campaign.

3 days and 25 sales!

How much of an impact would that have on your business in 3 short days?

Talk about a game changer!

At this point of our conversation here… doesn't it just make the most sense to invest in your very own VIP Marketing Services team of professionals?

It's one thing to implement the multi-touch marketing magic that is the Inbound Prospector software.
It's quite another to combine it with your own personal VIP team.

A VIP team that can…

Video Email Marketing campaigns

Create your very own custom, high impact Video Email Marketing campaigns. Setting you apart from all of your competition as an industry leader with your cutting edge messages.

telemarketing scripts

Plan out your entire Sales System… from Professional telemarketing scripts… including all rebuttal scripting as well.

Bulk Email Marketing

Email your offers on a mass level through Bulk Email Marketing… expanding your exposure from 100’s to 1,000’s of potential excited customers.

Bulk Email Marketing

Tackle all of your tedious data collection needs. Such as appointment setting, creating polls, verifying data and client profiling. Leave that heavy lifting to your VIP team!

Bulk Email Marketing

Design your websites, create compelling content about your business solutions, craft your lead and landing page designs AND handle the constantly shifting world of your social media presence for greatest impact and results!

Combining the Inbound Prospector with your personalized VIP team of marketing professionals is a decision that can rapidly shift the entire course of your business… and your bottom line!

And speaking of the bottom line… at this point the question arrives… what will your investment be when you upgrade to our Inbound Prospector VIP Marketing Services?

Well that all depends on how in depth you wish to go with our team and what your specific needs will be in regards to your business building efforts.

That is why we always begin our process with you and one of our industry specific specialists jumping on a call together. To break down all the perfect pieces to fit your exact needs.

Before we even get started working together, our VIP Services want to make absolutely certain… without a shadow of a doubt… that we are able to provide every solution to your current problems or stumbling blocks.

Then and only then… will we join forces to maximize every single ounce of your marketing efforts and profit producing plans.

The sole purpose of our entire team of VIP marketing specialists is to virtually guarantee the next evolution in your business.

No stone will be left unturned… absolutely no opportunity for profit left undone.

As I've stated before, your team is dedicated 120% to fulfill the needs of your goals in business. To be there by your side at every single turn on your path to increased cash flow.

What would that be worth to you to have that type of top flight, professional support in your corner?

How many more sales could be flying through your front door on a daily basis leveraging your own VIP team?

And how much would each of those sales represent in your bank account?

$500? $1,000? $1,500?

Doesn't it just make sense to have access to not only the absolute best in a multi-touch marketing software suite… but… to combine with with a personalized team that will push it's effectiveness to its limit?

That is what is available to you right now.

And don't worry about making your decision right now when it comes to investing in your VIP team. Simply start off with making the first phone call.

That way you will be directed to the appropriate sales representative who can can connect you with the absolute best match as your "industry specialist."

Your specialist will dive deep with you into all the particulars and top options that will suit your every need in your business. They will make sure that every angle and opportunity for your success will be pursued and accomplished.

As you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose by making this call.

Actually… that's not entirely true.

There's quite a bit you could lose out on if you don't make this call right now.

You could lose out on thousands of white hot prospects because you forgot to adjust one simple setting in one of your campaigns.

You could lose out on hours of sleep pouring over the software, desperately attempting to conquer the learning curve of an entirely new skill set and toolbox.

You could be throwing away easy money every single hour of your day because you just didn't know that your email campaigns were only getting a 1.5% open rate.

So yes… you could lose out on quite a bit simply by not making this call.

Like I said before, you don't have to decide now if having your very own VIP Marketing Services team is a match for you.

But if you don't at least take full advantage of making this call… of speaking to your industry specialist… you will walk away never knowing how much of an impact saying YES could've had on your business.

On your entire lifestyle.

I do not want you to have to live with that regret of "not knowing."

I want you to feel the rush of making that call.

To hear how much of a game changing advantage having your own personalized team of marketing professionals in your corner could mean for you.

To tap into the rush of excitement at the possibilities of taking your business into the stratosphere of success!

This is YOUR TIME to set yourself apart from everyone else in your industry.

This is YOUR TIME to place yourself in the ultimate leveraged position as a powerhouse of profit.

This is YOUR TIME to combine your hard work with the scaling capabilities of a proven, professional team of your very own.

This is YOUR TIME!

Make your call right now at

One of our industry specialists is ready to speak with you.

Begin your VIP Marketing Services journey today!

P.S. Remember… it doesn't cost you a dime to make this call and speak to one of our VIP Marketing Services specialists.

But if you don't make the call to learn how this could be the ultimate leverage for your business today… you could easily be letting stacks of cash and piles of white hot prospects walk right into your competitor's front door.

We don't want that to happen… EVER.

We want them doing their business with you.

Today, tomorrow and years to come.

Let's create your business legacy starting now.

Make your call right now at

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